do you ever watch old dan & phil videos and just


My life is very much normal. I just happen to make some YouTube videos that people watch. Will this lead to a career in entertainment? Hopefully. Is this a great interactive resume for comedy? Hopefully. Will this affect my likelihood of ever getting another job offer on a standard career path? Definitely. I mean…have you seen the vids? Who is going to trust their documents with that?!

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@Zozeebo: I “rested” my eyes around 6 hours ago. Oops.

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d: we just punched each other’s arms vs. d: how was that more accurate from the one we attempted during Donkey Kong?

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[x] Norg is secretly Gryffindor

So what would Phil look like with a purple fringe? (x)


Pre/Post Streamys meals x


Phil abusing Dan
BUTTON BASHING PROS - Dan vs. Phil: Mortal Kombat Trilogy